Our Story

In 2000 Joey Shimoda, FAIA, FIIDA, and Susan Chang, AIA, founded Shimoda Design Group at a live/work warehouse in the burgeoning Arts District of downtown Los Angeles.  The firm grew from inside to out, steadily gaining a reputation for innovative workplace interiors, history conscious building renovations, and bold, forward-looking creative campuses.  SDG’s design professionals have themselves grown from inside to out, letting their love of creative collaboration infuse and inform the work they do all across the country.  On each project, their eclectic sensibilities merge with a unique client culture for engaging, enlivening, transformative design.  Extra superfino.

What we do

Workplaces like a film studio or a music label are teeming with creative individuals.  For a multidisciplinary design firm, making great spaces to support their energy and imagination is a delight.  But creative collaboration also happens – often casually – in a serene, ethereal office lobby facing a chaotic Hollywood street.  At a young shoe company organizing philanthropic missions to third-world villages.  At a pocket cafe, whose public seating actually belongs to
the entire neighborhood.

At Shimoda Design Group, we honor every individual’s inherent creativity by making thoughtful, vibrant, calm, expansive, colorful places to ignite and make creativity come alive.  We invite them to pause…to soak in…to reach out…to make unexpected connections.  Our spaces create a catalyst that encourages people to tap into their unlimited creative potential on the journey to extraordinary breakthroughs.